Pharmaceutical Research and Extraction Services

Utilizing method-based chromatography for food additives, medical, and pharmaceutical applications.

BioSmart Research cultivates industry ties that are both progressive and profitable for our clients. We provide the research and expertise to tackle even the largest extraction and isolation projects. Our team develops efficient processing systems, as well as SOP for large scale extraction processes. In addition to providing guidance, our affiliated partners can provide the equipment necessary to meet the customer’s objectives.

Competitive Intelligence & Research

We specialize in botanical essential oil isolate research as a pharmaceutical drug, a botanical extract, as a research compound, as a pharmaceutical drug ingredient, as a botanical extract, as a manufacturing ingredient, and as an article of commerce.

For clients trying to navigate an emerging market, information hasn’t had the many years it takes to accumulate the anecdotal or DIY-type problems and solutions. Changing legislation and regulations have opened the door to aggressive research projects on university campuses nationwide. We cater to both university and private entrepreneurs to help them achieve their research objectives and supply the isolates needed for their research. We also provide extraction services on industrial scale volumes needed to roll-out marketable products both in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other medical fields.

Our team also participates internationally with experienced pharmaceutical manufactures and equipment providers to insure that our research and advice to our clients is cutting-edge.

Strategy Driven Solutions for Industry

Solutions become possible and viable when coupled with intelligent design and the right equipment. BioSmart operates and owns its own processing labs, therefore, our understanding of how to accomplish the clients objectives is supported by both our experience and know-how. A Clients Strategy for getting from point A to point B must be logical, rational, and economical. BioSmart guides you through that process.

Sourcing & Logistics

Start to Finish

BioSmart’s expertise and cumulative experience of over 40 years gives its clients a marketing edge and tremendous start-up cost savings that no other research or engineering company can provide in the emerging field of isolate extractions. BioSmart has 15 years of import & export experience sourcing and importing only the best equipment suited to our client’s needs. BioSmart offers the same quality equipment to its Clients that BioSmart uses for all its equipment needs. Clients who choose to participate in revenue sharing with BioSmart as their partner can cut their start-up costs dramatically while insuring the success of their venture.

Material Purchasing

  • Biomass
  • Distillate
  • Isolate
  • Solvents

Equipment Purchasing

  • Biomass processing
  • Biomass post processing
  • Extraction
  • Analytical HPLC
  • Industrial HPLC
  • Analytical LC/MS
  • Gas Chromatography

Facilities Development

  • Layout and Design
  • Start-up Supervision
  • Management & Staffing
  • Ongoing Supervision

Processing Capabilities

  • Biomass to Distillate processing
  • Isolate Production
  • Terpene Extraction
  • Derivative Plant Extractions

Exclusive North American Distributor for CXTH

CXTH innosep HPLC system


Exclusive North American Distributor

CXTH is a world class manufacturer of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Columns for remediation of impurities in pharmaceuticals and the manufacture of isolates and selected extractions from complex compounds or plant materials. BioSmart Research is the exclusive North American distributor for CXTH.